SWC Peer Reviewed Sources & Non Peer Reviewed Sources Internet Research Essay

**2. Peer-Reviewed Sources Paper:** Articulate the differences between peer- reviewed (scholarly) and non-peer reviewed articles/sources: To better understand the type of sources required in technical writing and the scientific research paper, you will write a paper analyzing and evaluating the differences between peer-reviewed (scholarly) and non-peer reviewed sources.  1. Explain the peer-review process and articulate the differences between peer-reviewed sources and non-peer reviewed sources.  2. Utilized at least three (3) examples using resources relevant to your current research topic. Use:  1. A peer-reviewed journal article 2. A book 3. A credible website 3. Compare and contrast these resources. Outline a step-by-step method of items to look for when determining if a source is peer-reviewed.  4. Summarize your findings to demonstrate an understanding of the difference between peer-reviewed (scholarly) and non-peer reviewed articles/sources. Explain why technical writing and the scientific research papers require peer-reviewed (scholarly) resources for research purposes. 5. Paper Requirements: 1. Two – five pages (this does not include the title or reference page). 2. The paper will be written in **APA format.** Use the example in your textbook, pgs. A-39 – A-70. **DO NOT** include the following APA requirements in your paper: Abstract, Method, or anything beyond Method such as Results, Discussion, Future Study, Appendix A, or Appendix B other than the reference page.  

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