Superior Bicycles Inc Investigation Report Paper

Complete Hands-On Project 14-5. You will have to complete 14-1, 14-2, 14-3 and 14-4 to see all of the correspondences and documents to complete the report in 14-5. Also this project will use the Hash lists you created in earlier labs, so if using Netlab, you will need to create the hashed again before you can do the lab. You can download the image file used in projects. Be sure to follow the “Report Structure” bulleted on page 567. Your report must be at least 2 1/2 Pages Single Spaced. Not including any references or appendixes that you may attach. Do not include or upload any of the reports generated by the tools as you go through 14-1, 14-4. Your Safeassign score must be no greater than 25% for this assignment to be considered for a grade in other words if your report has a safeassign score over 25% it will be scored as a zero . You have the ability to check your safeassign score by returning to the submission page.

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