Startup Business and Revenue Models Presentation

I’m working on a powerpoint presentation and need guidance to help me study. Solidia Tech The presentation should include a one-page for the title, four pages solving the questions below, and a references page. Please, bid only if you are familiar with this kind of question. Create a presentation to cover the following: * the revenue model for your selected start-up(Solidia Tech). Be sure to provide an explanation. * the e-business model for your selected startup(Solidia Tech). Be sure to explain your choice. * a list of some of the challenges that this startup will face, as it relates to identifying market segments, managing consumer trust, ensuring consumer protection and adhering to any government regulations. Be concise and brief. * a list of the tools that the business will use for connecting and communicating internally and externally. Requirements: | .ppt file | APA | Case Study | 4 pages, Double spaced

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