SOW Security Components Security Systems & Authentication System Discussion

**Prompt:** The convenience and ease of online shopping can be difficult to resist. Being able to access massive retailers, such as Amazon, on any mobile device or computer makes it simple to browse and purchase products. Some retailers allow for 1-click purchases, which enables a user to click a single button to complete a purchase. When users purchase with this option, the retail site has all of the user’s personal information stored in its system: name, address, retailer-based subscriptions, credit card information, etc. Many of us are willing to potentially sacrifice the security of our private and sensitive information for ease of use, convenience, and expedited processes. **Assignment:** In response to two of your peers, answer the following: * What about your peers’ proposed security components makes them viable? * Recommend an additional security component to further the dialogue **PEER POST # 1** It is inherently important to secure the Internet Side of an It System much as you would lock and secure your door to keep unwanted people or persons from gaining entry. Especially with the expansion of Technology and how literally everything can be done within the palms of your hand while amazing this also brings its own challenges. Your System is no different then you dropping your wallet on the street and a person that wants to do harm finds it. Within your system houses all of your personnel information, bank information etc. We as users and operators should be doing everything we can to protect are assets and or those that are entrusting us with there information. I would recommend an ecommerce site use at minimal a 2step authentication. This helps add an extra layer for new customers and existing customers that perhaps have there personnel information remembered on that particular site. This adds an extra step and confirming that the intended user is in fact the real user and not someone trying to access others information. **PEER POST # 2** Internet-facing security is essential as it is the entry point that is more exposed and frequently under attacked. As web attacks are becoming more sophisticated, it is critical to implement best practices and tools to protect from cybercriminals. Protecting e-commerce sites from hackers is vital to safeguarding customers’ data, privacy, preventing fraud, and online business financials. Hackers are always looking to steal proprietary information and financial data to sell to the highest bidder. IT professionals must consider a layered approach security model to separate and secure untrusted and trusted networks (DMZ). Proactive patching and monitoring are necessary to mitigate the risk on e-commerce sites. Follow best practices when using the credit card payment process, insert a verification step such as CVV code. Use HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer) to provide Web traffic security to protect data in transit during credit card transactions.

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