SFSU To What Extent Did Wayfair Exhibit Complicity in Human Rights Abuses Discussion

Requirements: post should be at least 250 words. No need to answer everything. You can write on any of those prompts. Just talk to the class about what is on your mind regarding this situation of Wayfair, the refugee detention camps, and the BCFS. Questions: * To what extent has Wayfair violated any of the UN Declaration of Human Rights? If the company has done so, which articles has it violated? * Does Wayfair have an ethical obligation to redact their sale to BCFS? Why or why not? * Does Wayfair’s decision to continue fulfilling the order request with the BCFS align with the company’s values or its mission statement? Explain why or why not. * To what extent did Wayfair exhibit complicity in Human Rights abuses?

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