Seattle University Activism Through Poetry Erasure Poem Exercise

Write an Erasure poem on any passages from the book “Of Poetry and Protest” This is a activism through poetry class. **Erasure** poetry, also known as blackout poetry, a form of found poetry wherein a poet takes an existing text and **erases, blacks out, or otherwise** **obscures a large portion** of the text, creating a whole new work from what remains. **Directions** *Choose any passage(s) of text that you have read, from the books we are using in class to create your own poem. *You may incorporate other sources of text such as a dictionary text, magazine text, graphic novel text, instructions or a social media post. *Use the text and black out or cross out all words and phrases you WILL NOT use in the poem. *The words are phrases left, become the bits and pieces of the new (FOUND) poem you are creating. *When you turn in the poem, please send pictures of all the text sources you used and include a bibliography

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