Santa Monica College Unemployment Rate and Social Distancing Effect on Businesses Essay

You have a choice of three questions, and they all pertain to the current world situation and business. For each essay, please read at least one reputable article or website about this topic (remember to go into the Database in the Library for sources. However, in addition to good sources, I also want you to give your opinion about these topics. All perspectives on this are good, just make a good case for why you think the way you do: a. What do you think the impact of fake news has on our information about the virus? Which sources do you think you can trust? — use anything in the Cardon chapter #1 about credibility and tie it to what is being said in the media. b. How is the unemployment rate and social distancing affecting businesses? This is obviously affecting everyone, but you can narrow it down to your own job, the company you are researching for your Final Report, or what friends and relatives are going through in keeping or maintaining their jobs. 300-500 words

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