San Jose State University Programmer and An Engineer by Profession Memorandum

**The Reflection Memorandum** In this memo, you will write and reflect on your experiences in 100W. We are a unique writing course, covering two learning objectives related to writing and communications as well as the earth and environment. This is the final memo for our course. **Length** : Approx. 500 words. Use the bold sections in the left column as your headings, and write a paragraph for each section. Refer to examples from assignments, suggested assignments are on the right column. You only need to use one assignment for reference. Single spaced with a space between sections. Upload your memo to Canvas **What to write in Reflection Memo** (A guide to thinking about your experience in 100W. Make bold sections your headings.) | **Companion Assignment:** (Examples to which you can make reference. Just use one.) —|— * **Introduction** Include information about **who you are** and why you decided to study engineering. What are you thinking about for your future career? | Resume and Cover Letter * **Teamwork in 100W** What has it been like to work with students from other engineering disciplines. You are part of a team. What did you learn from that experience? | Final Oral Presentation Team GreenTalk Presentations Team Interview with a working engineer * **Research Skills** You had an introduction to the library. Did this experience enhance your research skills? How did learning about the databases help you in other classes?How did the research skills help you with your team’s final proposal? | Analysis of a professional journal Final Written Proposal * **Communication skills & Environmental Knowledge **Did learning communication skills in 100W help you in other courses, on your job? Do you see the value in communication skills? How has your knowledge of the environment increased? Which GreenTalks did you find most interesting? | Writing memos about GreenTalks Evaluating outside source material Learning APA Style, effective use of Engineering databases Team Interview Assignment Oral presentations Final Proposal Final Written Proposal Team GreenTalk

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