San Jose State University Music and Its Role in Stress Reduction Research Paper

Overview: Writing Project will consist in writing a 1,500-word multimodal research essay on a topic related to music, science, and/or technology. In addition to researching and writing this essay, you will also create a graphic element using Adobe Spark software. The graphic, which may use any combination of videos, photographs, graphs, charts, and illustrations, should support the research that you present in your music-related argument Directions: Write a 1,500-word research essay in which you explore a music- related topic in science and/or technology and present your findings to a general audience. Details: **Word Count: 1,500 words** **Formatting/Citation: Modern Language Association** **Sources: Eight sources, including at least two peer-review academic journal** Step One: Start with a music-related science or technology question. (Examples, “How do you soundproof a recording studio?” Or “Why do some people have perfect pitch, while others are tone deaf?”) As a a starter, you might find it helpful to browse through articles from the online journal Music and Science until you find something that appeals to you. Step Two: Once you have identified a topic, begin to research it. You will need to locate academic journal articles, so you will want to use the databases made available by SJSU’s MLK Library. Step Three: Continue to research until you have at least eight sources — two of which need to be from peer-reviewed academic articles. Your task now will be to answer the question you posed in Step One, using your research to provide the necessary information. Step Four: Download Adobe Spark. As part of the Adobe Creative Cloud for Students.To use it, you will need to register with Adobe. Step Five: Be sure to revise your essay so that it reads like a cohesive whole. You want to avoid an essay that jumps from source to source but does not have a central theme or thesis.

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