San Diego State University My Heroes Video Analysis

**Directions:** Now that you’ve watched the “My Heroes” Halloween PSA (if you haven’t done this yet, you can find it in the Videos folder on the Course Documents page on Blackboard). **In 2 pages, I’d like you to perform a visual analysis of this video, focusing on what argument you think it makes.** First, think about context. Who created this video, and when was it released? Who is the target audience, and what argument is the video trying to make? What do you think is the purpose of this video? Next, think about the visual strategies used to make the argument you just mentioned. How do the different elements of this video form an argument? Pick a few of the visual strategies you notice, and discuss how those strategies help get the video’s message across to its viewers. Here are some questions to help guide your analysis: **Who does the video primarily focus on?** **How would you describe the facial expr essions and body language of the parents? Why is this important?** **How would you describe the facial expressions and body language of the children? Why is this important?** **How does it use (or not use) sound , music, and dialogue?** **How does it catch the audience off guard at the end? Why is this important?** **What about the color and lighting choices? What kind of mood/tone does this set for the video?** ** ** Your analysis doesn’t have to consider all of these elements (or even any of them, if you’ve found other important details to discuss), but hopefully the questions help orient you to visual analysis a bit more. List-of-Guides/Academic-Writing/Analysis/Analyzing-Visual-Images

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