San Diego City College Three Methods of Job Analysis Paper

The EHR was implemented by University Hospital 2 years ago and management of the HIM IS was provided by IS department. The individual that has been performing information systems support is leaving the hospital and the director feels this in an opportunity to move the position to the HIM department. The HIM information systems maintained are as follows: Digital transcription Encoder and abstracting ROI Computer assisted coding The director feels these applications would be better serviced by an HIM professional who has IT experience along with HIM knowledge. Also, HIM productivity has been impacted because of the physical location of the IT department and lack of quick response from the assigned IT specialist when the HIM department has issues with the systems. **Assumptions:** All HIM applications must be managed by the same individual. It is more important the individual who manages the applications have a familiarity with the HIM processes rather than IT experience. **Deliverables** : 1. Choose three different job analysis methods discussed in chapter 7 that you will use to collect data for the proposed new HIM application specialist position. 2. Write a 1-2 page paper summarizing the methods, explain why you chose the method, and describe how you would carry out the method in analyzing the application specialist position. 3. Create a new job title and job summary the HR department will use to recruit for candidates for this new HIM position. 4. Review the results on page 281 of candidates and then develop 3 interview questions to ask each candidate during a structured interview; each candidate will be asked the same 3 questions. (see part 3 on page 281 for additional suggestions). HIM departments are always budget conscious and trying to do more with less. It is very common to combine jobs or eliminate positions through attrition. Review the case study on pages 150-151 and provide the following deliverables: 1. A new combined job title and describe why this title was selected (approx. 2 paragraphs incorporating what you learned from reading chapter 7) 2. Select 2 job analysis tools and explain how the tools will be suited to collect information to assess the combination of job tasks. 3. 2-4 references (professional websites .org, .gov or trusted articles)

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