Rutgers University The Censoring of Pornography and the Constitution Discussion

Each response should be numbered and dated. It should include a brief synthesis and analysis of the readings (all of the readings) and the films in the context of the themes of the course. When possible, it should highlight their relationship to contemporary America. What is the topic addressed in the readings? What are the principal issues about the topic that are addressed in the readings? Do you have questions on the readings? Do you have criticisms? Think critically. The response should not be a summary but a critical synthesis of the issues covered in the readings and should end with a question to stimulate class discussion. This response is geared to insure you really engage the readings and the film in the context of censorship. The reading has been uploaded as a link and the movie is also uploaded as a link seen below. Please make sure the response is geared towards the context of censorship and let me know if you have trouble viewing any of the files or the link. Please use APA format. Link to film:… Link to reading:

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