Rasmussen College Social Work Ethical Dilemmas Essay

For your Module 01 Course Project Assignment, you have been asked to assist your supervisor in preparing a presentation for the conference on the Human Services Professional’s ethical duty to the client. Your duty is to draft three separate scenarios in which a Human Services professional is at risk of violating one of the standards of the Human Services Code of Ethics, Responsibility to Clients # Requirements In a 2-3 page double spaced paper: 1. Create three different case scenarios in which a Human Services worker faces an ethical dilemma with a client. 2. Explain which standards of the Human Services Code of Ethics, section on Responsibility to the Client the worker is at risk of violating. 3. Reference at least one different standard (Standard 1 – 9) in each scenario. 4. With each scenario, make sure you discuss the following: * What ethical dilemma is the Human Services professional facing? * Describe what action steps the worker should take to reduce the risk of an ethical violation. * What is the risk of harm should the worker respond in the least ethical manner? Apply APA standards to your work. Please note that the cover page and references are not included towards the length of the paper. Be sure to cite the Human Services Code of Ethics in your work. need internet references.

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