Rasmussen College Plan to Achieve the Core Clinical Objectives Paper

Preceptor-Home Health Nurse Case Manager * _With your Preceptor_ , develop a plan to achieve the core clinical objectives. Please tell us how you will spend your time at each practicum experience. **Core Clinical Objectives** | **Plan** **** | **Resources** **** —|—|— Core Clinical Objective #1- Create a safe and effective care environment for clients and health care personnel | | Core Clinical Objective #2- Integrate knowledge of expected growth and development, health promotion, and prevention strategies to achieve optimal health. | | Core Clinical Objective #3- Provide nursing care that promotes and supports psychosocial well-being. | | Core Clinical Objective #4- Promote physiologic integrity by providing care and comfort, reducing risk potential and managing health alterations. | | Core Clinical Objective #5- Develop professional nursing identity and clinical judgement. | | Core Clinical Objective #6- Provide evidence-based, patient-centered care incorporating data from healthcare technologies to improve client care, as part of the interdisciplinary health care team. | | ****

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