Rasmussen College Creating Safe and Effective Care Environment Essay

GRADING RUBIC APA FORMAT ACTIVE VOICE TIMES ROMAN 12 FREE OF GRAMMATICAL SPELLING SENTENCE STRUCTURE ERRORS FIRM GRASP OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE ZERO USE OF CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH IN TEXT CITATIONS REFERENCE PAGE WITHIN 5 YEARS 100% PLAGIARISM FREE OUTLINE OF ALL QUESTIONS ASKED AND ANSWERED **MASTERY…4=A** * ******Exemplary reflection, thoroughly addressing the questions, and comprehensive example(s) provided.** * **** **Provided stated ideas with professional language with correct spelling, and grammar in the reflection.** ## Activity Statements ## * Use appropriate communication methods to collaborate with the interprofessional and intraprofessional team to deliver safe, evidence-based, client-centered care. * Utilize appropriate prioritization and delegation techniques to promote safe and effective nursing care. * Organize nursing care to manage workload and time effectively. ## Reflection Questions * What would your preceptor and colleagues say about your interprofessional and intraprofessional communication methods used during the indirect care experience? * What knowledge, skills, and attitudes do you bring to the practicum environment when organizing, prioritizing and delegating safe nursing care? * How will you integrate the knowledge learned in the clinical setting to your nursing practice? ## **Instructions** Please review the grading rubric before beginning your reflection on the above core clinical objective. Make sure to answer the reflective questions thoroughly with substantial reference to your practicum experience.

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