Purdue University the Role of Women in Mexican Politics Essay

**This is** a 2200 words minimum final paper (including title page, and bibliography). Here are the requirements: * In the Introduction, provide a research question/thesis and highlight the significance of the study. Discuss the outline of the paper. * The body of the paper should be organized according to your initial outline. (Please note that each page of the paper must include at least two references MLA style). * Conclusions (go back to your research question and discuss your findings). * Future scenarios / recommendations and/or personal opinions are optional and should not take more than 1 page. * At least 8 sources, including books, journal articles, and reliable internet sources Brian R. Hamnett, _A Concise History of Mexico;_ this is the textbook, if you can use some references from it, will be good. 8 to 10 page research paper on the subject “the role of women in Mexican politics” please talk about Mexican revolution as well. Immigration, the impact of women in the economy and society

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