Purdue University Importance of Vaccination in Society Essay

I’m working on a health & medical writing question and need a sample draft to help me study. **_The Importances of Vaccination_** ** __** Instructions | —|— Components of a Research Study Overview of Review Literature: * Abstract (2%) * Introduction (10%) * Statement of the problem/purpose of study (10%) * Objectives/Conceptual Framework (5%) * Need of the study (Educational Value) (3%) * Literatures (10%) * Findings/Analysis (35%) * Conclusion (5%) * Recommendations (5%) * References (5%) * Overall APA format (10%) _* Note:_ _All research projects must be written in APA style_ _***Your Final Research Paper:_ The paper must be 8 – 10 pages’ double spaced, using a size 12 font of either Times Roman or Arial, the title page, abstract page and reference page are not included in the 8 – 10 pages’ requirement. The research paper should address the issues global health. The focus is up to you. You may consider topics such as Globalization, Economics, and Human Rights, Information Technology, etc…, as it relates to global health. In general, choose a topic that is relevant to the course topics and discussions, on the one hand; and on the other, something that is relevant to your own professional, personal, and/or academic experience and interests. The Research Paper must be written and organized according to APA format; particularly, pay attention to citations and references of research sources, and to the correspondence between citations in text of your essay and references at the end. It is expected that you will be using at least 15 different sources (minimum); that will include academic publications, national/international database, media/news reports, etc… The research paper will be submitted to the dropbox. This is the assignment designated to be used in your e-portfolio. Requirements: Maximum length: 8 to 10 pages (This assignment is training for you to learn how to convey the information within the maximum number of pages. Points may be deducted for more pages than the maximum number allowed. Formatting: APA, Title page, Abstract, Header should be in the header area of the page. The paper must be grammatically correct. (See last page for template.) References: 15 different sources. Please copy link below for example paper of formatting style: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/18… You will be submitting the paper through Turn-It-In. The Turn-it-In percentage must be 25% or less which can be seen via your “originality” report. If you have a percentage between 25% and 35%, you can receive no higher than a 70%. All assignments with a higher than 35% will not be accepted and you will receive an F (0 grade) for the assignment.

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