PU Opening Black Box of Model Interpretability in SAS Viya Video Discussion

**write 500 words single-spaced based on the instructions** ** ** _Required Reading Instructions: _How Charts Lie_ – Read Chapter 6 (see chapter 6 I upload below)_ Required Video Instructions: SAS Global Forum 2020: Opening The Black Box of Model Interpretability in SAS Viya __ (Tutorial Session) link: Similar to last week, in one page, please share your *stand-out* reflections, observations, and/or opinions about the **required** textbook chapters and video. I’m looking for what surprised you, caught your attention, or triggered an idea. please do not simply repeat what we read and watched – I’m looking for something unique in your responses, and reflects that you read and grasped the assigned material. Do your best to think it through as you share your thoughts.

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