PU Differences Between the Compensation System & the Average Store Employee Questions

**write minimum 250 words for each of the 3 question below** **please refer to the power points and article I attached** Using the attached CVS article answer the two following questions: (5-8 sentences) -Do you think the compensation system was different between the average store employee and corporate? Why? -If you were CVS’s CEO, knowing that you have to reduce costs and balance employee wages, what other measures would you take besides freezing raises for the highest-paid employees? Answer the three questions using given powerpoints and HR terms: (7-9 sentences) 1. You manage a small bookstore and notice that your employees are faced with numerous job stressors. Discuss two specific organizational strategies (besides “set up an EAP” or “set up a wellness program”) you might implement to reduce their distress, and why each strategy would be effective.[***This one will require you to be creative. You can reference our workplace safety lecture for the stress aspects, but you should consider using outside sources or personal experiences.] 2. A friend of yours who owns a small business says to you, “My employees don’t seem to be very motivated – I’m thinking of giving out pay raises. Do you think this will be effective?” Pick any two of the following theories (need theories, reinforcement theory, expectancy theory, equity theory), and for each theory describe one specific thing she should do in order to increase the effectiveness of pay raises as a motivator, and why she should do it (relate your suggestion to a specific aspect of the theory). 3. You’re in the process of developing a training program designed to teach middle-level managers how to use an iPad. Choose 1 of the 4 theories of motivation we have learned in this class to describe and illustrate your training program. (In benefits powerpoint: expectancy theory, equity theory, reinforcement theory, Herzberg’s Hygiene-Motivator Theory) .doc file | MLA | Case Study | 2 pages, Single spaced

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