PSUPSMC Facebook Inc Privacy Policies & Advertising Companies Case Study

Case Analysis – 4 pages long In a 4-5 page paper, you will analyze a management scenario in which you are expected to scrutinize a business case and prepare strategies and tactics that the firm should employ in the future. Your analysis will include relevant background information gathered through the case and additional research, well thought out responses to case questions, and your recommendations for the company. Your paper should be professionally formatted and free of errors (punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, capitalization, etc.). Select one of the cases from the attached document and include these sections in your paper: 1. Summarize the situation (high-level overview of the key issues/situation) 2. Answer the case questions, using knowledge and details from the course, your own experiences, with support from the course textbook and outside research. 3. Offer additional recommendations related to the situation, with support to justify your position.

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