PSU Ethical Principles and Moral Dilemmas in the Movie Chinatown Discussion

Select and view a feature film of your choice _related to criminal justice_ that illustrates some of the leadership principles or conflicts discussed in the text and in this course (there are unlimited police, lawyer/courts and corrections movies – including those identified in the text – featuring ethical & leadership dilemmas) -try to select a film that not only exhibits unethical or evil behavior but also demonstrates attempts by its main characters to combat evil and rise above. * Identify the important ethical principles in the film, * Analyze how the lead characters responded to the moral dilemmas, and * Draw implications and applications from the movie (see below). I recommend that you use the three categories above as the basis for structuring your essay. Your essay must be 4-6 pages in length or at least 1500 words. Your essay response is due as a Week Ten assignment attachment in D2L no later than Tuesday, Dec 8th by midnight, Pacific. You may also email your paper to me, but ensure that it is in a doc file that I can open and read i.e., Word/PDF (do not send it over your smart phone, I probably won’t be able to open it)

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