PS 142A Santa Monica College Liberal World Order Third Response Paper

4 pages double spaces MLA Try use more lecture and course readings. Please use your own words and do your very best Please answer the following questions using appropriate materials from the course readings and lectures. Address the questions fully and completely. Your essay should be up to four pages, double-spaced, with normal font (12-point) and margins (approximately 1300 words in total). Although we are not specifically grading according to these criteria, the clarity of your reasoning, grammar, spelling, and general style will matter. **Prompt:** **** After over six decades years of relative stability, the Liberal International Order (LIO) constructed by the U.S. faces several challenges. Identify and discuss the trends, changing circumstances, and policies that have led to these current challenges, using concepts from class and the readings. Be sure to discuss specific mechanisms from the readings and framework we have used this quarter, where appropriate. Explain not only how but why the challenges pose a threat to the LIO. Be sure to address the following. Why has U.S.-European cooperation become more difficult since the end of the Cold War? What was the New World Order and why did it fail to stabilize the Middle East as hoped? What is the role of populism and the rise of China? Briefly, and by way of conclusion, explain why the Liberal International Order is worth saving — or not.

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