Portland State University Racial Discrimination among African Americans Essay

* 8-10 pages double-spaced * * 10 pt. font in Times New Roman * * MLA or APA * * At least 2 primary sources: Look up primary sources in The Norton Field Guide. (May include 1 instance of field research) * * At least 8 secondary sources: These will have to be reputable works. Please pay careful attention to Evaluating Sources (pp. 511-518). Journals, books, printed reputable newspapers and magazines, and websites that end in edu or org will be acceptable. The library link has many resources to offer. * * I will not require notecards, but they may help greatly in organizing your research * * I do require an outline These are the criteria on which I will grade: The above criteria The quality of your argument or thesis. The ability to coherently express ideas in an organized and progressive fashion. The quality of _your sources._ The quality and accuracy of your citations. Did you respond and peer edit your partner’s paper with accuracy and in a timely manner? And _Sources_ Are there the required amount of sources? Are they reputable sources? _Ideas_ Is the thesis clear? Is it supported? Are the ideas synthesized well? _Quotes_ Are the quotes appropriate? Are the quotes done correctly? Are the quotes acknowledged? _Documentation_ Is the documentation done correctly (MLA or APA)? Is the format done correctly?

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