Official Warning Regarding the Seriousness and Personal Activities Paper

Corrective Email To Staff Analyze the following email message for content, formatting, and email practices. Revise the message. To: Staff Subject: Changes It has come to my attention that some of you apparently do not have enough work to keep yourselves busy. In the past six months, since I assumed the position as your boss, I have observed many of you playing computer games, making personal phone calls, on your cell phone, and spending far too much time in personal conversations with each other. We have far too much work in this department for all of you to waste time like this. Effective immediately, the following changes will be enforced: (a) No personal use of the computer will be tolerated. (b) No personal phone calls should be made except in case of emergency. (c) Conversations must be limited to break time and lunchtime, in the lunchroom only. (d) If you can’t stay off your cell phone, don’t bring it to work. I expect your cooperation. Thank you. Just a final reminder that we will have a staff meeting tomorrow at 3 p.m. ** _only one page_** ** _MLA style_**

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