Nova Southeastern University Public Policy Discussion

_s a policy analyst,_ _Is_ _it possible to be totally neutral?_ 2. _Discussion Prompt 1:_ The rational public policy model emphasizes “Neutrality”. As a policy analyst, Isit possible to be totally neutral? How can you avoid your prejudices, biases, and pre-conceptions while making decisions as a policy analyst? Justify your stand with examples and utilizing this week’s learning resources and readings? _Discussion Prompt 2:_ What is your view of the role of science and democracy in analyzing (and making) public policy? Are they mutually exclusive or compatible? While crafting your discussion post this week, utilize the following materials: (1) Watch: The Art of Choosing (Ted-Talk) (2) Watch. 12 Anger Men Movie (3) Listen to the Podcast: The Mind of the Village: Understanding our Implicit Biases 3. No more than 4-5 small paragraphs for each discussion prompts show references as well and proper format.

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