NOVA Create Your Bio Page Web Technology Project

Read the book and create your bio page.   Make sure you cover the following items in your report and add them to your web pages.   1. Create home.html page 2. Create bio.html page 3. Create web page fill data on the home.html page 4. Create a link from the home page to the bio page. 5. Create a link from the bio page to the home page. 6. Create a link from the bottom of the home page to the top of the home page. 7. Create a link from the top of the home page to the bottom of the home page. 8. Download an image from the web and place it in a folder called images under the wwwroot folder  9. Display an image on your bio page. 10. Add an external link to your bio page. 11. Use the line break tag (
) to move the image and external link to new lines. 12. Run the validator.  Did I make any mistakes in my code? Create a new web page in your VM. name it Task3.html Make sure it is HTML 5 compliant.   Submit a  full report(use the lesson report template provided in the top section of this Moodle Page) with screenshots of your code and web page for the problems below: A.  Hands-on Exercises 1-6 in chapter 2.  (I added them below) 1. Write the HTML to display your name with the largest heading element. 2. Write the HTML to create an absolute link to your school’s website. 3. Write the HTML for an unordered list to display the days of the week. 4. Write the HTML for an ordered list that uses uppercase letters to order the items. This ordered list should display the following terms: HTML, XML, and XHTML. 5. Think of a favorite quotation by someone you admire. Write the HTML code to display the person’s name in a heading and the quotation in a blockquote element. 6. Modify the following code snippet to indicate that the term “site map” should have strong importance:`

A diagram of the organization of a website is called a site map. A site map represents the structure, or organization, of pages in a website in a visual manner. Creating the site map is one of the initial steps in developing a website.

` B.  Implement a description List as seen in Section 2.14 Description List •However, use the terms HTML, XHTML, and HTML 5 and come up with descriptions of each

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