Northwestern Polytechnic University Role of Data Analytics Discussion

Using search engines, find **two (2) recent PEER REVIEWED ACADEMIC ARTICLES** involving _**DATA ANALYTICS**_. Describe the role of “data analytics” in the text using your own words. Here is an example of an article citation as I would expect to see it in your write up. The writeup for your citation should be at least two paragraph longs (7-9 sentences each). Please complete this activity in the Discussion Board threads. Spelling/Grammar & APA are a huge part of this grade (25%). Failure to thoroughly edit the assignment will result in a significant deduction in points. **ARTICLE EXAMPLE** Gupta, R., Tanwar, S., Tyagi, S., & Kumar, N. (2020). Machine learning models for secure data analytics: A taxonomy and threat model. Computer Communications, 153, 406-440.

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