Northern Virginia Community College The Expansion to The Network Discussion

Class discussion on operating system kernel operation, and how the user interaction works with the application and subsystems. ·In your groups, determine what the limitations would be in regards to our IT project. Be sure to include the following in your discussion: oHow much expansion can this network take before the infrastructure becomes inadequate? How many connections can the little SOHO router take before it implodes? oPrepare a list of risks, concerns, and issues that stakeholders may have with the solution. oDiscuss how this solution could affect the organization. §You may need to define some organizational behavior first before you can determine what your solution does. ·In your groups, decide on some metrics you could use to monitor the operating systems and the network to see where it is bottlenecking.. oDescribe what type of data needs to be collected for quantitative and qualitative measures. ·Be prepared to present your findings to the class. oMake sure that each person in the group has a part in the presentation **What will be graded for the lesson portion?** o **Submit a list of five vulnerabilities and how you would patch them. Present these vulnerabilities to the class.** ** **

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