Northern Virginia Community College Fundamental Concepts of Programming Project

The fundamental concepts of programming are sequencing, selection and iteration. Think about how sequencing, selection, and iteration are part of everyday life? This discussion will be two parts. Part 1: Provide an every day life example for each fundamental concept of programming. Do not repeat any other student’s examples. Part 2: Although everyday tasks may fall primarily into one of the three fundamental concepts of programming, many involve all three. Break down an everyday task from start to finish (10 steps). Label each step with one of the fundamental concepts of programming. Again, do not repeat any other student’s idea. For example: Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Step 1: gather ingredients (bread, peanut butter) (sequencing) Step 2: Choose Jelly (strawberry or grape) (selection) Step 3: get supplies(knife, plate) (Sequencing) Step 4: open bread by untwisting twist tie until it comes off the bread. (iteration) Step 5: grab two pieces of bread that are not the ends (selection) Step 6: place on a plate (sequencing) Step 7: get knife (sequencing) Step 8: open peanut butter by twisting the top until it is off the container (Iteration) Step 9: insert the knife and remove some peanut butter (sequencing) Step 10: Apply on one piece of bread until evenly applied (iteration)

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