Northern Virginia College OS Architecture and Security Vulnerabilities Discussion

Since Windows makes up the majority of consumer laptops and desktops, this week we focus on the internal workings of the Windows operating system, the registry hives, the security vulnerabilities, and learn how to “harden a box” ### ![]( **Analyze your SOHO network for vulnerabilities** ·Examine the network you have built and try to determine where you think security vulnerabilities exist. ·Is there a security hole that cannot be patched due to the requirements engineering process? ·Analyze the need of individual systems for security measures oMake sure you check for any dependencies the software would need for continued normal operation. ·Plan on how the securing of these boxes should occur. ![]( **How do you know if your solution was a success? How do you know how secure is secure enough?** ·Watch the LinkedIn Learning video Understand and Implement Windows 10 Security from Windows 10 for IT Pros Essential Training with Brian Posey ·Watch the LinkedIn Learning video section: Understand Permission from the course: IT Security Foundations: Operating System Security with Lisa Bock ·Do research on the internet and learn more about the “hives” and the Windows kernel architecture. ![]( **For your task, submit you the results from your Requirement Analysis on your project.** ·Submit the results from step 1 on our requirements analysis for the project.

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