New York University Discussion

I’m working on a management discussion question and need an explanation to help me study. Please address one of the following two questions: Steven F Goldstone, Chairman and CEO of RJR Nabisco (one of the largest US cigarette manufacturers) said in a 1998 magazine interview, “I have no moral view of this business…I view it as a legal business.  You shouldn’t be drawing a moral judgment about a business our country says is perfectly legal and is taxed like crazy by it.”  Think about his comment in terms of ethical awareness.  What might change if you think of your business in terms of ethics and not just legal terms?  What about the class action lawsuits that were settled for billions and set aside for future claims even while cigarettes are still sold avidly?  What about applying these principles to the legalization and sale of marijuana in several US States? or Should a person be permitted to place a value on human life?  Should a company?  Should the government?  If not, how are decisions to be made to compensate individuals for family members lost?

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