New Castle Moving Towards a Sustainable Events Sector Key Issues and Challenges Paper

APA style 1.5 times line space and Times New Roman 12 **The report should include the following sections:** * An executive summary: presenting an overview of the key arguments and findings of the entire report. * An introduction: providing a background to, and context for the topic. * Main body: An in-depth discussion of the topic, this must lay out the key arguments and include a critical review of academic literature relating to the topic. * Conclusion: Summarising the main findings and arguments of the report. * List of references _Please note that at least 13 academic sources must be cited in the report. after every 2-3 sentences._ _ _ _Plagiarism rate below 10%_ **Assessment marking** _Content (50%):_ Ability to use information effectively to produce an interesting and useful report. Ability to critically review conceptual ideas and to research applied event contexts. Ability to demonstrate understanding, to reflect on, and evaluate the material gathered and to articulate reasonable, well supported arguments that make sense, are pertinent and relevant. _Depth of research (20%):_ Show evidence of identifying and critically reviewing appropriate and reliable secondary material. Show evidence of reflecting on the material and evaluating it. _Originality (20%):_ Demonstrate the ability to show initiative in approaching the assessment, in presenting it in a way that is engaging and that produces a useful discussion. __ _Presentation (10%):_ Structure, clarity and presentation – clear and logical report

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