Naugatuck Valley Argumentative Research Paper on Education Question

I’m working on a english report and need support to help me study. i need a 6-page paper, 1500 words i will provide documents. please pick a topic from the Research Topic List document i will also provide a template of how the paper should be structured. Research/Argumentative Paper: Compose a clear, well-written, properly documented (MLA format) argumentative essay of at least six-page 1500 words with in-text citations and a Works Cited page. (A Works Cited does not count toward the six page equirement). The research paper must be argumentative (persuasive), with a clear, explicit, and assertive thesis statement, and must use a minimum of three to five secondary sources; secondary sources must be scholarly/professional criticism or analysis, not summaries, reviews, or “analysis” from sites such as e-Notes, SparkNotes, Wikipedia*, 123HelpMe, or Instead, use the library resources, including the available electronic databases such as Academic Search Complete, InfoTrac General OneFile , Lexis- Nexis Academic, Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Points of View Reference Center, and CQ Researcher. You must include at least one short quotation, one long—block—quotation, and one paraphrase, and these sources must be properly documented (utilizing MLA format), and integrated into your writing smoothly and correctly.

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