MSUO Business Intelligence Solution for Eastman Kodak Presentation

#### CAPSTONE PROJECT—BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE SOLUTION FOR INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION The Capstone Project has four deliverables: a written BI solution, a presentation, an oral presentation, and a Self-Evaluation for the Capstone Project. You have been hired as a consultant to present a BI solution for an international Organization. The organization is interested in using business intelligence to help with strategic decision making and has asked you to demonstrate how BI tools can improve data analysis for issues or new theories. You will provide a written report as well as an oral presentation and recording to demonstrate how you would present your proposed BI solution to stakeholders of the U.S. Organization. Your written BI solution should include: * Organization background and rationale for choosing it * Description of business problem or new theory that will be addressed * Explanation of data set chosen and how data can be accessed in real-time * Description of BI tool(s) used to perform data analytics * Screenshots and results of the data analysis performed inside the tool. * Explanation of code or functions used to evaluate data to perform different analytics types * Description of data visualization tools (reports, dashboards, query) to communicate and display data analytics results * Description of any challenges you experienced when performing the data analysis. * Discussion of data analytics outcomes and benefits of using business intelligence * Programming code and screenshots of data analysis outcomes, including the upload to GitHub Your written BI solution must be 7-10 pages in length in addition to a title and reference page and conform to the . Include at least five scholarly references in addition to the course textbook. Your BI Solution presentation should include: * 15-20 slides with speaker notes on each slide. * A Reference slide with at least five scholarly or peer-reviewed sources.

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