Moraine Valley Community College Teaching Diverse Students Project

You will be required to create a running record or field notes of the observations that you make for each of the standards. You will be required to select a minimum of 5 of the videos for each standard that you watched and reflect. You should be looking for teacher opportunities that support IPTS #1 throughout the videos that you watch. 1. _Teaching Diverse Students_ _The competent teacher understands the diverse characteristics and abilities of each student and how individuals develop and learn within the context of their social, economic, cultural, linguistic, and academic experiences. The teacher uses these experiences to create instructional opportunities that maximize student learning._ The field notes/running record should include the following but may also have additional information included: * Title of Video * Teaching Strategies that incorporate diverse characteristics and abilities of each students * Teaching strategies and lessons which support how individuals learn within their own: social, economic,cultural,linguistic,and academic experiences * Observation reflections of the above stated strategies * Key Lessons taught using cultural/linguistic experiences * Delivery of lessons * Goals/Objectives being taught This is the first rough draft that you will submit. After watching the kindergarten videos you are to write your artifact identifying the strategies that are used to meet IPTS#1. You must include the video titles and links that you used to develop the artifact. You must have an artifact cover sheet. Artifact Information for Portfolio For each artifact placed in your professional portfolio, include a cover sheet with the following information: Number of IPTS Standard and name: Description of standard: Artifact:Source: Other Applicable Standards: Explanation:(At least one paragraph describing the artifact and its value.) Reflection:

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