Michigan State University Virginia Henderson Paper

Use at least 3-4 sources. _One source must be a primary source._ All sources _must be_ from scholarly nursing literature. You may use the theorist’s web site. THEORIST | LEADER | POINTS —|—|— Discuss or describe the era in which the person lived. Include social, cultural and economic forces which contributed to the theory or problem. | Same as Theorist | 25 Provide a short biographical sketch of the person. | Same as Theorist | 10 Describe the main concepts of the theory, framework or model. Include the philosophical underpinnings that influenced the theorist. | Describe the problem that this leader sought to solve. Describe the contributions to nursing and or nursing care made by this person. | 25 What is the impact that this theory or leadership contribution has or has had on nursing today? What about the future impact? | Same as Theorist | 25 APA and Scholarship/relevant references. Proper citing of references. | | 15

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