Miami Dade College Established and Emerging Environmental Contributors Paper

The assignment will be based on the first article: Levy, et al. (2018). Established and Emerging Environmental Contributors to Disparities in Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Curr Epidemiol Rep; 5(2): 114–124. doi:10.1007/s40471-018-0149-9. (Links to an external site.) In the article the authors focus on four domains. For this assignment, we will work with the two related to the environment (house or neighborhood). Select ONLY one of them: house or neighborhood and answer the following questions. Notice that most of the questions will be based on an article of the ones mentioned by the author that you need to find on your own! Questions to answer: 1. State and explain your selection. 2. Did Levy et al convinced you with the evidence presented? Was it logically presented? Explain your answer. Find one original source of the ones mentioned by the authors. You have plenty to select from. If you select house environment select one of the articles referenced (6 to 46 in the References). If you select neighborhood environment select one of the articles referenced (47 to 82 in the References). 3. Provide the full citation of the article selected. Use AMA or APA to write a proper citation. Answer the following questions based on the article you selected. 4. What was (were) the objective(s) of the study? 5. Who was the population under study? The sample size. 6. Where was the study conducted? 7. How was the data gathered? 8. What were the main findings and conclusion (in your own words)? 9. Do you think that this article match or provide support to what Levy et al are trying to prove? 10. How would you expand or change the research presented by the authors? 11. What are your take away messages for the practice of pharmacy (at least mention three) after reading Levy et al. article and/or the article that you selected.

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