MC Wall Mart Concepts of Customer Satisfaction Loyalty & Commitment Discussion

Assignment subject and requirements : **concepts of customer satisfaction, loyalty and commitment** **** * Intro – describe the company and its background. Discuss how they achieve loyalty currently through customer satisfaction (200 words approximately). * Main discussion – link the company you have chosen and its loyalty creation effort to theory. Discuss the concepts of customer satisfaction, loyalty and commitment, Use academic evidence (references) to support your claim and arguments. * Be critical, i.e. look at the arguments from all angles. Sometimes you may support your discussion by bring other marketing concepts, in a logical fashion, into the argument. * You can produce your own diagram, to show what the organisation should do. Offer some suggestions to the organisation you are focussing on. * Provide a short conclusion (150 words approximately) * Pages must be numbered * Up to date sources (2015 – 2020 (maybe)) have been used as well as past research * Context to be maintain. * Total word count for the assignment: 2000 words +/- 10% * References should be consistently (in both text and in the reference list) in Harvard style. * Utilize both academic and practitioner perceptions * Show ability to relate concepts and ideas to actual examples. * grammar and spelling need to be correct, * the assignment needs to flow well * Referencing all research materials, stick to one format for referencing * Use at least 10 good quality references – journal articles and one or two books, if you wish. * Write in the 3rd person * Up to date sources (2015 – 2020 (maybe)) have been used as well as past research * Please use a minimum font size of 12 * Times new Roman Font Style * 1.5 line spacing and justify alignment * use diagrams and tables but they must be discussed and critiqued in the discussion

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