Marymount University Social and Political Environment of Societies Today Essay

****__Important: I need 2 paragraph for each topic above. 4 paragraphs in total.__** ** ** ** **1. Directions:** After reading Machiavellis’ _The Prince_ (selections), answer the following questions in 1-2 full paragraph(s): 1) What are some of the attributes successful princes (or leaders) of city- states should have? 2) Do you think these qualities are applicable today? Why or why not? 3) Are there any examples of modern-day princes like the ones described in _The Prince_ in societies today? Give specific examples and explain your response. ** ** **Outcome:** This assignment will help you understand how political thinkers understood the social and political environment of late Renaissance cities (15th – 16th centuries). _In the 14th century, the Italian writer Giovanni Boccaccio wrote The Decameron, which is a collection of 100 stories told over a span of 10 days by 10 young men and women from Florence. These 10 young people were self-isolated in the countryside during the pandemic of the Black Death (See Lecture 2) and decided to pass the time by telling 10 stories each (since there was no internet!). The Decameron is considered one of the most famous literary works from the Early Renaissance._ **2.** **Directions:** Read the assigned short stories in The Decameron (selections) by Boccaccio.pdf and answer the following questions in _1 -2 full paragraph_ OR a _video submission:_ 1. What was your first reaction after reading all the stories? 2. What was your favorite and why? (or least favorite!?) 3. Do you think some of these stories are funny? What do you think made Renaissance people laugh? 4. Do you think some of these stories are tragic or sad? What do you think Renaissance people considered tragic or sad? 5. How does this type of entertainment compare to the type of entertainment we are using today during our Covid-19 quarantine? _***Use specific examples of stories in your answers***_ **Outcome:** This activity will help you identify the themes, elements, and genres that make up the Decameron and what kept Renaissance audiences/readers entertained. This will help you think about your Writing Assignment #1 (“Story Writing During Quarantine”) ** _ _Important: I need 2 paragraph for each topic above. 4 paragraphs in total.__**

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