Marketing Research Statistical Tests on Survey Data Essay

I’m working on a marketing writing question and need a sample draft to help me study. 3. **Determine** the statistical tests that should be run on your “survey data” (we’re assuming that the survey has been distributed and that you now have survey data). State the statistical tests you would run and what survey questions you would run the tests on. For example, you could say something like “a t-test should be run on questions 3 (gender question) and question 12 (question about number of popcorn buckets a person eats at the movies) in order to determine if men, on average, eat more popcorn at the movies than women.” You should state 1) the tests that should be run, 2) the questionnaire data that should be used (i.e. responses to questions X and Y), and 3) why a statistical tests of that data will provide meaningful information for a marketing plan (for example, my average bucket of popcorn tests (by gender) probably doesn’t provide much meaningful information that would help a marketing manager better promote the El Rey. 4. **_Write_** as many pages as you need in order to 1) state the stat tests that should be run, 3) the questionnaire data & questions that should be examined, and 3) why a statistical tests of the data will help marketing managers create a better marketing plan. 5. **_Retain_** your survey and write-up. You do not need to submit Assignment #5 at the end of the week. Rather, at the end of the semester, all five assignments will be combined and submitted as your final report.

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