Maricopa Community Colleges Mesa Frank Lloyd Wright in Los Angeles Paper

I’m working on a art question and need an explanation to help me learn. Please watch the this video before answer the Journal questions Before beginning this **Art Journal** , be sure to view the supplement Web Link _ **That Far Corner – Frank Lloyd Wright in Los Angeles**_ ** _._** This documentary focuses on the unsuccessful homes that Frank Lloyd Wright designed while attempting to re-invent himself in Los Angeles in the early 20th century. Time has changed the opinions that once surrounded these homes. In addition, the film digs into some depth regarding what helped to influence the style of these homes. **Journal Questions** **1-Describe which home/s or segment/s made strong impressions upon you while watching the film. You are not limited to just one.** **2-How did the home/s or segment/s make you feel and/or think of?** **3-This film often refers to the homes as being unfriendly and or the product of someone that was disturbed. Do you share the same views? Explain why or why not.** _ **Do not go to Google for answers to the questions or supporting information.** The journal experience is about you telling me your very own thoughts and opinions while viewing the documentary film._ **Writing your Essay:** Write a short essay that answers the above questions and provide comments about your own viewing experience. __ Quality is better than quantity. Be sure to stay on task. Citing and quoting from the film may prove helpful as does referring to particular time segments (at 12:16 when such and such is mentioned) when the name of the artwork might be in question or to better support your idea. The purpose of this exercise is to promote critical thinking. Be sure to provide detailed and supportive answers. Please write Essay in 500 to 600 words

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