Macquarie University Mainstream Schools & Its Families Experience Essay

**Assessment 3** Students are required to write an essay that explores _mainstream schools_ and the experiences of families in which one or both parents are living with disability. Students are required to familiarise themselves with the report, “ _More Than getting Through the Gate”_ which was compiled over 10 years ago. Students are to discuss 2 or 3 of the recommendations made in this report and provide evidence from personal experiences they have observed in schools today (2019) and describe how the recommendations have or have not been implemented. In order to complete this assessment, students should examine current practices to demonstrate the implementation or lack thereof. This may be done by a _combination_ of any of the following; * Examination and reflection on field placement experiences (this may include the students own schooling) * Conversations with placement or work site managers/principals or teachers/staff * Recent internet blogs, clips, resources * Research of literature, policies, procedures and legislation. Students are also required to suggest how they think the 2 or 3 recommendations they are reporting on could be developed further. Should students find that the recommendations have been implemented then they are required to explain _why_ they think this occurred? **Some suggested resources for this report, but not exclusive;** **AU Websites only.** * Disability Education Standards 2005 * Inclusion in Action * The Department of Education’s Website * And obviously the paper “ _More Than getting Through the Gate”_

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