LSU Political Science Freedom of The Press Journalist Killings Question

**Part 1** (worth 50%): Please examine **either** the **Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) website OR** the **Pew Report on Public Opinion regarding Democracy**. What are the major findings? If you choose CPJ, what are some of the ways advocacy groups like CPJ or the international community can try to promote a free press? If you choose Pew, what steps would you advocate the international community take to help increase support for democracy? **Part 2** (worth 50%): Please answer 2 of the following 5 questions. 1. Discuss the differences between economic, political and social development. For each type of development, please provide 2 indicators. What relationships do you see between these three different types of development? 2. In what ways can authoritarian regimes be legitimate? What claims do they often make regarding their right to rule? Why is it sometimes difficult to assess whether the population believes these claims? 3. What are some of the criticisms made against democracy? What do defenders of Asian values say? Can democracy lead to bad outcomes? 4. How does China threaten American democracy? 5. What is kleptocracy? Why does Diamond think it is so bad? How does he suggest combating it?

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