Los Angeles Valley College Education Influence Poverty and Crime Discussion

During the first week of class I presented you all with a Discussion Post (Discussion Chapter 1 – What is Psychology?) in which I asked you to pose a question that you would like to know the answer. In this section I would like for you to revisit that same question and now that you know more about Psychology and Science – answer it! a. Locate the question you asked in Discussion Chapter 1 – What is Psychology?. b. Answer the question from a scientific point of view. c. Recommended length of response is between 1-2 pages, double-spaced. (I am not counting words but this gives you an idea of how in-depth you should go. Less than a page you are probably not explaining it well enough. More than two pages and you are most likely getting away from your point.) **-In your response please include the following:** 1. Research-based evidence from the text; 2. Substantial thinking, evaluation, and definitions as necessary; 3. Engaging, thought-provoking response that shows me you have found some research to support an answer to your question.

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