Los Angeles Mission College Cause of Hyperthyroidism Is Graves Disease Essay

**Teacher reviewed and wants to be explained more it my already 5-7 pages needs MLA format and revised slightly due to 43 % plagiarism from last person that could not revise for me (no response) Please need help** **Research Paper (50 points)** Students will be required to research and write a paper on a topic related to a human disease (a syndrome or condition is OK if students can describe enough relevant pathophysiology) of interest to him/her. The paper is to be a minimum of five pages double-spaced and typed. The objectives and guidelines will be discussed in class. A rubric is available online. You MUST cite all sources using a reference page and using IN-TEXT citations! Turn-it-in.com plagiarism checking will be used and any paper that has a similarity score greater than 20% will be considered plagiarized. REMEMBER: PLAGIARISM WILL GET YOU NOTHING BUT A 0!!!!

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