Leadership in Diverse Organizations Research Paper

Here are the required resources for the paper. Choose 3 and read. **Read at least three of the following articles:** * Gottlieb, L., Fichtenberg, C., Alterwick, H., & Adler, N. (2019). Social determinants of health: What’s a healthcare system to do? (Links to an external site.) _The Foundation of the American College of Healthcare Executives_. Doi: 10.1097/JHM-D-18-00160. https://prx-herzing.lirn.net/login?qurl=https://ov… * Thomas, A., Pandit, C., & Krevat, S. (2018). Race differences in reported harmful patient safety events in healthcare system high reliability organizations (Links to an external site.). _Journal of Patient Safety, 0_ (0), 1-5. https://prx-herzing.lirn.net/login?qurl=https://ov… * Weaver, S., Hess, R., Williams, B., Guinta, L., & Paliwal, M. (2018). Measuring shared governance: One healthcare system’s experience (Links to an external site.). _Nursing Management_. October, 11-14. https://prx-herzing.lirn.net/login?qurl=https://ov… * Quain, S. (2018). Organizational effectiveness vs. organizational efficiency (Links to an external site.). _Chron_. https://smallbusiness.chron.com/organizational-eff… * U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (2019). _Health information technology (Links to an external site.)_. HHS.gov. https://www.hhs.gov/hipaa/for-professionals/special-topics/health-information-technology/index.html. INSTRUCTION FOR PAPER Write a 1200-1500 word paper in APA format. This paper should: * Be approximately 5-6 pages long, double-spaced * Include a title and reference page – not included in the page count * Exclude sources older than 5 years * Should include sources from the required readings and/or scholarly sources found from Herzing’s library. Your textbook may be used as one source. * Include an introductory paragraph and a conclusion The paper should include: * Introduction to the topic. * Identify the benefits of working in a diverse healthcare organization. Include the benefits to patient care. * Identify the barriers to developing a diverse organization. * Apply your dominant leadership style and address the identified barriers to assist your organization in becoming more diverse. This leadership style may be the one you discussed in Week 1 or maybe one found in Chapter 8 of the textbook. * Lastly, identify how a diverse organization assists in creating a competitive advantage within the healthcare environment. * Conclusion – should not bring any new ideas to the paper.

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