LAPC The Ethical Leadership Impact on The Downfall of Fyre Festival Analysis

I’m working on a management Case Study and need support to help me study. Please write about the impact of Ethical Leadership on the Downfall of Fyre Festival. **Possible topics/Key Points that may be helpful** What the impact of leadership and ethics was on the downfall of the Fyre Festival. How incompetent leadership and an unethical climate further created the downfall of Fyre Festival. How the success of an organization lies in its leaders. McFarland should have been truthful and transparent, which are critical leadership traits The failure of Fyre Festival can be considered one of the most extreme examples of leadership gone awry, where promises were broken, and unethical actions were encouraged. The downfall of Fyre Festival could have been avoided and the actions of the individuals involved could have been ethically centered, if their actions were morally aligned and if formal ethics policies were put in place. Leadership within the organization should re-evaluate their moral standards and priorities in regard to helping shape the business plan. References that may be helpful: Asker, S. G. (2018). Fyre Media Inc. – Fyre Festival (2017). Retrieved from festival-2017.html # Bever, L., & Wang, A. (2018). The Fyre Festival was a total disaster. Its founder is going to prison for wire fraud. The Washington Post, (Oct 11 2018): Retrieved from entertainment/2018/10/11/fyre-festival-was-total-disaster-its-founder-is- going-prison-wire-fraud/

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