Kaplan Applying for A Mental Health Counselor Vacant Position Resume & Cover Letter

For this assignment, see yourself as a new graduate of the School of Counseling with your master’s degree. Think of this as a resume you are creating for five (5) years out (more or less). You are applying for a position with an agency, organization, school, etc. (you choose what position and site and write a brief “want ad” from them – or you may use an actual ad you find, if you prefer). You are to create a cover letter and resume designed for this position. You will choose your own style/format. Don’t forget to include your “want ad” with the project. This is good practice for the type of thing you may be doing for clients sometime in the future. Develop 5 questions related to your specific ad that you might expect on the interview. Do NOT pick the typical questions (why do you want this job, what are you doing in 5 years, etc.). Try to think of questions you might be asked if you actually went on the interview and had to be prepared. **PLEASE REFER TO ATTACHED DOCUMENTS FOR FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS.** **ATTACHED BELOW IS THE AD TO USE, CURRENT RESUME THAT NEEDS TO BE DONE PROFESSIONALLY AND EDITED AND ALSO THE RUBRIC.**

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