IWU Leadership Styles and Effective Leadership Research Paper

1. 1. To read about collaborative leadership practices that can be used to transform healthcare organizations in today’s challenging environment, access the Industry Focus: Healthcare Leadership article. 2. Conduct research to learn more about leadership styles and effective leadership. 1. Give an in-depth explanation of the leadership style you chose for 4.3 Assignment: Effective Leadership. In your explanation, reiterate the essential personal traits you identified and how this leadership style aligns with those traits and with your vision as a leader in a healthcare organization. 2. How might you use this leadership style to approach change management and continuous improvement? 3. How might you cast a compelling vision as a leader? For example, how will you use this leadership style to inform your actions at work? How will you add change management principles to your leadership practice? 4. What might you need to improve in your leadership approach? Reflect on the areas you may need to work on the most.

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