IVC Speech On Sleep Deprivation Discussion

The first three weeks of class, there will be a discussion post opportunity, where I’ll post a discussion prompt and you will respond with your opinion in a comment, and then respond to one other student. These are very casual responses – you only need to write 3-4 sentences and genuinely give your opinion 🙂 DUE DATES: 1. Prompts (from me) will go up Sunday nights – or earlier to give you some more time to write. 2. Posts (from you) will be due on Wednesday nights 3. Comments (from you to one other student) will be due Saturday nights Each week, a discussion comment and response is required for your grade. THIS WEEK’S DISCUSSION TOPIC IS…. Last week you wrote your own introductions to a speech about sleep deprivation. This week, we’re moving on to the next step! Using the Main Body Point Example in the Week 3 module, and the K-12 article about sleep deprivation from Module 1, **write one main body point**. To do this, expand on one of the main points you mentioned in the introduction you wrote during Week 2. For example, if you said in your preview, “Today, I will talk about how sleep deprivation affects our students, why they are sleep deprived, and how we should solve it,” pick one of those main points, and write about it for this discussion post. **Keep your post in outline form** , using the template in this week’s module. **There’s no need to break this into an essay-style post**. Fill in the parenthesis with your own content, and keep the bolded parts. Then, just copy/paste into this discussion forum. In your comment to another student: Find a classmate whose main body point taught you something new. What did they include in their post that you didn’t include in yours? * textbook http://www.publicspeakingproject.org/psvirtualtext.html ****

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